So the decision has been made by me (and… Jeddy… sort of) to finally get an awning for the boler. It’s going to be my Birthday present (I turn 29 on the 2nd of May). We already have the awning rail and poles that came with it when we got it, just NO FABRIC.

We’ve been pricing awnings out from online and locally.. they run about $260+ for a standard bagged trimline one (no scalloped edges or funky patterns). I found the information for the lady who made our curtains and cushions last year and we were super happy with them and gave her a call. She said if I supply the fabric and any other materials, she can make the awning itself.

I am so OVER THE MOON EXCITED for this project. We’ve been in need of an awning for the [almost] 2 years we’ve had our boler but spent our time, energy and money on getting the interior cleaned up and functional.

I found some outdoor material swatches from Fabricland (see pic above) that I’m interested in.. but would love some feedback on the patterns and colours. Comment below and let me know which swatch you think would be awesome on Minty! There’s a nice variety of retro/modern and funky to choose from… which is why I’m having such a hard time.