I came across this quote this morning and it caused me to pause for a moment and reflect. It made me think about those awkward or tense encounters I’m sure we’ve all experienced. You know what I mean – running into an ex at the mall… or ending up next to someone in line with whom you’ve had a falling out with.

When someone has hurt you, just the idea of ‘letting it go’ or even going so far as to forgive them can be absurd. Trust me, I’ve been there. Personally and professionally… I’m sure we’ve all had our share of feeling hurt/betrayed/thrown under the bus. You can probably also think of a time when you may have caused someone else pain. Just think about it for one moment. A breakup, a ‘misunderstanding’ or just a selfish act – we all say and do things we’re not proud of and have to live with the repercussions. And eventually, our actions and words catch up to us… and often when and where we least expect it.

The Universe has a funny (more ironic than ‘haha’) way of showing us things and bringing back what we dish out.

Lately I’ve been faced with a few things re-emerging from my past (one of them being a relationship that I ended… and could have ended with more tact). My first reaction when the thought popped into my head was to play dumb… then deny it to myself. Like, try to justify why I would do something so hurtful or manipulative. But the truth is there’s no excuse or justification. It was years ago and I was extremely selfish (even that’s not an excuse.. just a fact). I could have handled the situation better and I could have been more compassionate, but I wasn’t.

I now know how much my actions and words hurt someone else. It’s a little embarrassing and very humbling to have this realization (and it has taken me almost a decade to acknowledge this). I hope that I am forgiven for how I behaved at that time. I hope I am forgiven for anything I have done over the years that may have caused someone pain, hurt or embarrassment. I hope that if, one day, I ever see anyone I have wronged, they will smile back.