This past May long weekend Jeddy and I decided (well, I decided, booked it and planned it… then informed him) that we would be camping along Koocanusa Lake in Kikomun Creek Provincial Park in BC. I readied the boler, cleaned off the cobwebs and booked us a site for 3 nights in the mountains… all, of course, forgetting to check the weather. I must have been overly excited to go camping as I had just gotten the propane fridge working for the first time since we took ownership of Garrreh (the boler). Now everything worked and I was just so pumped to try it all out and play house on wheels.

The nearly 3 hour drive went seamlessly and we arrived shortly before dark – just enough time to check-in and set up. Our camp-neighbours were extremely friendly and the facilities were great. Okay so we weren’t camping so much as ‘glamping’… but I’m totally comfortable with that. The Park was pet-friendly (on leash of course) and had tons of hiking and biking trails, 5 lakes (some for fishing, some for swimming and kayaking etc.). There was a sandy beach with docks and plenty of picnic areas. I really liked this park.

Saturday was only 18 degrees BUT no rain for most of it. We were able to get out with the dogs and do a short 4-5km hike through the rolling hills and across the grasslands. It was warm enough to remove some layers, but cool enough to not sweat buckets – it was perfect, really.

Saturday evening the rain began shortly after our campfire dinner (steak and fire-roasted veggies). We sat under Garrreh’s awning to stay dry, but the air chilled quickly and we retreated inside where there was heat… and that’s where we stayed for most of the rest of our trip. We’d poke our heads out for a washroom run, and Sunday night we even skipped into Fernie to cheat and eat out at Nevados restaurant (which I recommend, by the way – at least the grilled cornbread with jalapeño butter and churro bites…. drool). The ambience and hip atmosphere offered a brief escape from roughing-it… despite the fact that I probably looked and reeked of 3-day-old campfire and… well, grossness. (Note to self: when the hot showers at the campsite are solar-powered, check the forecast before booking. Ugh.)

Overall the camp trip was a success. We had very little sunshine, lots of rain, no data or wifi and plenty of time together. It was hard disconnecting the way we did, but offered us the opportunity to reconnect as people.