On July 4th of this year after a long-weekend of over-indulgence ‘American-style’ (think Beer, BBQ and sheer gluttony) in Kansas with friends, I came home feeling, well, bloated and gross to say the least. I didn’t like how I felt and hadn’t liked much about myself for quite some time. Last year I went alcohol free for about 6 months and while it was super hard for me at first, I loved the way I felt a few months into it. During that time I shed approximately 20lbs just from cutting out booze and integrating more activity into my routine. Jed was great about encouraging us to go for walks in the morning or evening (even when I was dragging my ass out of bed or off the couch) and it all made a difference in the long run. The little things added up.

Around December of 2016 I made the decision to hop back on the wagon (or off?), feeling satisfied with my weight loss journey, and started reverting back to some of my previous lifestyle choices. Partly because I wanted to, but partly as a bit of an experiment to see how reverting back to old patterns would impact my body.

It’s important to note that besides cutting out alcohol and being more active during those 6 months, I didn’t really do much in the way of changing my eating. We were still eating out a fair amount, just cutting back on blatantly unhealthy things like Costco Poutine and late-night pizza. *sob*

So, back to this July…. I once again came to a point of dissatisfaction with myself. I knew now, however, that I was capable of achieving a healthier lifestyle because I had done it before just the year prior. I made a decision to once again make changes to help get healthier and lose weight. This is where Keto comes into the picture.

Having done a bit of research on the Ketogenic diet over the past year, and partially attributed to a friend of ours who saw great success with it, Jed and I decided to make the leap into Keto life. High fats, lower proteins, no carbs and no sugar. During the first month I took it even further and went so far as to cut out ALL sweeteners (evening the natural ones). No honey, stevia, syrups at all. It was SO challenging. Sugar is in everything!!! Not just the obvious stuff like BBQ sauce and salad dressings… but ketchup, salad kits, fruits, yogurts (even plain), bread, pressed juices and pasta sauces. Literally, everything.