My blog is focused on lifestyle, travel and self-discovery. My career, however, is about being an ‘outsourced marketing department’ for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. My role within our company is primarily as Project Manager (with a Creative Director sub-hat). We work with our clients to help them generate awareness and, subsequently, revenue through online and offline marketing initiatives, all while simultaneously assisting with any marketing or brand-related projects they may have.

I have also been a guest speaker at local schools on Social Media Safety, Etiquette and other user basics to kids in grades 3 to 12. I discuss the ‘dangers’ and little known facts about some of the most popular online social media sharing tools (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc.) such as privacy, information sharing and reputation or ‘footprint’ management (to the older groups) – things that are often not known by their parents and, therefore, not discussed.

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