So… I did it. I caved and bought a juicer. Given, I happened to strike GOLD and scored a commercial-grade (really nice) Breville Juicer in MINT condition for $60 from a local Swap ‘n Buy group just hours after Jeddy and I finished watching ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ and ‘Hungry For Change’ (for the second/third time). It was fate.

I went on a rampage last night and bought an obscene amount of ingredients needed to make Joe’s Mean Green Juice for the next few days:

  • Kale
  • Apples
  • Ginger Root
  • Lemon
  • Cucumber

In addition to this, I also picked up spinach, pears and avocado to make a few variations of juice. This morning I made my first batch and it was surprisingly… amazing. The apple and ginger really shines and makes drinking 16 stalks of kale and 2 whole cucumbers totally tolerable. My only complaint would be the amount of cleanup involved – but most of it involves rinsing so it’s not all that bad.

Unfortunately I forgot to to take a pristine IG-worthy photo of my juice – so you get a progress shot of an almost finished glass. You’re welcome.

Joe Mean Green Juice

Obviously my first juicing experience was delicious. I forgot to take a photo.

In addition to beginning to juice, I have also been sticking with the 4 Hour Body eating plan (greens, beans and proteins – as described here). I absolutely love chicken and fish, so I have no problem being creative with these staples and making a variety of veggie-rich dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have officially only botched 1 meal (do NOT recommend red pepper seasoning on basa filets – ew)… and am continuing to impress myself day after day. Here’s a pic of last night’s dinner… two large chicken breasts baked on a bed of black beans, smothered in organic salsa, spinach and mushrooms affectionally dubbed ‘salsa fiesta pollo’ (which translates into ‘salsa party chicken’. I am so spanish.

My 'salsa fiesta pollo' dish.

My ‘salsa fiesta pollo’ dish.