Our beloved 1976 Boler came into our family in 2014. Named Garrreh (there’s a story behind this), our boler has a tacky 70’s original paintjob, a working furnace, stove, a not-working fridge (needs repair) and tons of storage. Jeddy and I had been lusting over these adorable vintage campers for years and when my Dad finally came across this one he didn’t hesitate to swing a deal on our behalf.

Being the super crafty, thrifty and DIY girl that I am, I spend a solid 6 weeks cleaning, painting and screwing the heck out of this little camper.

Like, with a screw driver… anyhow…

Here’s a list of some of the improvements we’ve done since it’s arrival:

  • Tore it apart and cleaned it. At least 3 times
  • Had all new cushions and matching drapery made (very circus-esque)
  • Repaired hinges, locks and handles
  • Replaced broken bulbs on running lights
  • Had some rewiring done for trailer hookup
  • Installed awesome DIY hack organization unit in closet
  • Purchased a custom 70’s pole awning set
  • Installed battery-powered lighting (for when there’s no power)

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