Blessings are not few and far between – there is an abundance of blessings and good fortune in each and every one of our lives. Sometimes they come in the most subtle ways – as people passing through or as small gestures or day to day victories. Sometimes they’re masked as something completely unrecognizable only to reveal themselves in retrospect. Like when something that you think you want to happen doesn’t work out – initially you’re disappointed (sometimes angry)… but eventually you heal. You reflect. And sometimes (hopefully) you realize that everything worked out in the best way possible, exactly how it was meant to – and that’s the whole idea.

Over the past 6-7 months I have worked hard to be open to receiving blessings (or signs, or messages, or whatever you label them) in any form – and trusting that everything… and I mean EVERYTHING is happening for a reason. Growing up I had an extremely hard time letting go of control. I struggled with OCD behavior (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and my world would absolutely crumble if something didn’t go as I had planned or anticipated. It began at such an early age that I grew to live with it… no matter how unhealthy it was for me. It wasn’t until the past couple of years that I began to explore this behavior and challenge it.

I guess that’s why so many people struggle with the idea of ‘everything happens for a reason’… because more often than not, you have to let go of control and just TRUST that everything happens in its own time and for a divine purpose. For me, one of my major ‘life lessons’ thus far has been about accepting the fact that, while I have complete control over my actions, responses and decisions, there is something in this world that is bigger than me. Bigger than you. Bigger than our lifetime and our mental capacity.

It’s a scary thought; abandoning our controlling, small-minded selves and trusting that we’re in good hands. People aren’t comfortable with the idea – and I don’t blame them. Who wants to feel like they have no say in their own fate? But let’s be clear – that’s not what this is.. this is about knowing we can determine the outcome of our lives through our decision making and thoughts, but, no matter what we decide, it will always fall within our life plan.

It brings me great peace knowing this. In fact, it makes me more consciously aware and motivated to grow than I have ever felt before. Knowing that I’m on the right path – listening to my intuition – and enjoying the journey is a completely rewarding and healthy place to be for me. Right now.