Being comfortable with ‘boring’.

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There’s something to be said for boring. This is what my stepdad said the other day over lunch and it made me chuckle. He said that as he’s gotten older he has developed a greater appreciation for the uneventful things in life. I could never understand this growing up… or even throughout my 20’s… but now… now I understand.

There is certainly something to be said for boring.

For my entire life I have felt like I wasn’t ‘doing enough’. If I had a moment of peace I would get restless, if not physically than mentally. My mind would race… thought after thought until I had either exhausted myself or worked myself into such an anxious ball of thought-yarn that I couldn’t be undone. After years of being or feeling busy it’s easy to forget what it’s like to not be busy and to just be present.


Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually still in a moment. Not to be confused with stagnant – I’ve been there and it’s not a good place to be. But I believe that it is possible to be growing and changing on many different levels in the inside while just enjoying a moment in a calm, peaceful manner here in the physical world.

Boring always had this negative connotation attached to it for me. As a kid boring to me meant slow… uneventful… quiet… even uncomfortable. As a teenager I denied boring like the class nerd. If I found myself alone, I’d fill my space and time with people or things that I didn’t necessarily need or want… just so I wouldn’t be alone and bored. Now, as a young woman just shy of her 30’s, boring has an entirely new meaning. I don’t love it (yet) and haven’t fully embraced it, but it’s no longer uncomfortable for me to sit alone, quiet and with my thoughts.

And boring isn’t just about minutes or hours… but, as my stepdad said, an exceptionally quiet life is something different. It can be so peaceful without chaos. A time of reflection and ease.

Sometimes I need to visually picture myself somewhere in order to experience peace and relaxation. We all have that ‘safe place’ we can go to in our minds that help us to escape from reality even if for a fleeting moment. For me, this place is a beach. But not just any beach – it’s a specific beach in Ontario where I spent a lot of time growing up with my Dad. The sandy shore seemed endless and the lake itself had sand bars… you could wade out into the water for ever and it would only be up to your thighs. We would spend days here camping out in his old 50’s chrome bus that had been converted into a motorhome. It was the coolest place on earth as a kid and really brings back a lot of happy memories for me now as a woman.

Do you have a peaceful place? A happy moment, location or memory that you recall when you need a moment of peace and calming?

Vintage Boler Awning Swatches – taking votes!


So the decision has been made by me (and… Jeddy… sort of) to finally get an awning for the boler. It’s going to be my Birthday present (I turn 29 on the 2nd of May). We already have the awning rail and poles that came with it when we got it, just NO FABRIC.

We’ve been pricing awnings out from online and locally.. they run about $260+ for a standard bagged trimline one (no scalloped edges or funky patterns). I found the information for the lady who made our curtains and cushions last year and we were super happy with them and gave her a call. She said if I supply the fabric and any other materials, she can make the awning itself.

I am so OVER THE MOON EXCITED for this project. We’ve been in need of an awning for the [almost] 2 years we’ve had our boler but spent our time, energy and money on getting the interior cleaned up and functional.

I found some outdoor material swatches from Fabricland (see pic above) that I’m interested in.. but would love some feedback on the patterns and colours. Comment below and let me know which swatch you think would be awesome on Minty! There’s a nice variety of retro/modern and funky to choose from… which is why I’m having such a hard time.


Work and travel. Business AND pleasure.

Jeddy and I have talked a few times over the past years about what it would be like to work and travel from the road. We’ve been fortunate enough to travel a lot over the past few years – usually to Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Japan) and we love it. We both caught the infamous travel bug a few years ago and have had some amazing adventures living/working/travelling together. Running our own business while we explored the world provided us with the flexibility we needed (schedule-wise) to do so, however it presented a whole slew of new challenges for us to overcome.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 4.22.49 PM Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 4.21.49 PM

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 4.20.35 PMScreen shot 2014-04-15 at 4.21.58 PM

1. Wifi? More like ‘why-you-need-wifi-at-the-beach?’
Being a web-based business, the internet is our life blood. Without it we can’t function. Emails go unanswered, site management doesn’t happen and we might as well be dead to the world. Clients end up very unhappy and, well, ultimately our business suffers. Finding reliable internet was a challenge for us especially when we visited remote regions and towns. Let’s just say high speed wifi at a remote village in the Philippines is the equivalent to hamster-wheel dial-up here at home. Man, are we ever fortunate.

2. Time Management. Beach vs. Work.
The second biggest challenge was effectively managing our time. Until you’ve done it, you can’t understand just how hard it is to sit in front of your computer (and sometimes that meant in a dingy, dark ‘internet room’ and not by the beach) when it’s 35 degrees and GORGEOUS outside. Oh – and every other ‘tourist’ around you is swimming, tanning, shopping or chillin’ with a book in a hammock. There were more than a few times when this happened and it made me really, really bitter.

3. Time change. Not on your time.
Another thing we had to manage (and people often don’t think about this until they’ve landed) is time change. It’s not such a big deal when you’re in Mexico or Hawaii… like, 1 or 2 time zones away. You can get up a little earlier or a little later and still stay on top of things. When you’re on the OTHER SIDE OF THE GLOBE from your Clients, well, let’s just say things get a little tricky. Not only were we dealing with weird working hours, but we were working literally a full day ahead of our clients. Sure – that may seem like a blessing.. but there were many times when a deadline would be [nearly] missed due to confusion over dates and times. Sounds silly but it’s a real issue we had to consider and work around.

These are just a couple of the issues we had to manage while overseas. I’m sure it gets easier with time.. but doing this for a few weeks or months takes some serious workflow adjustment.

Our next adventure…

While we would love to go back to Japan, Thailand or the Philippines sometime in the near future, we also are entertaining the idea of living and working from the road in our 1972 boler. (Have you met Minty?) We would start off with something not too extreme. Maybe a few weeks or a month on the road travelling around and finding our road-work groove. We would need to outfit our boler with the appropriate tools and resources for running our business. Here in Canada it’s not too big of a deal as we have nation-wide internet and phone plans… and maybe we will do our ‘dry run’ within our own Country.

Our next travel bug dream is to travel around the USA and down to the southern states. I want to see the deep South… where they have amazing food, culture and say “y’all”. I have this internal obsession with small town America that I just want to fulfill… and I can’t imagine a cooler way than to pack up my husband, our business and dogs and hit the open road for a few months with Minty in tow. [see map]

Canada to New Orleans - Route Map

Of course – this is all a longterm goal as of right now. Maybe if we still don’t have kids by the time I’m 30-31 we can embark on this journey. We still have our [near] sights set on getting our home life organization and put back together… finding some stability and getting grounded, but part of being grounded and healthy is having dreams, aspirations and goals to work toward and one of these goals just happens to be ‘MERICA by boler.